American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Okay, this book was weird and interesting too.

The Paper cover for the book American Gods

American Gods

Oh by the way, if you are watching the TV show and have not read the book you will probably see spoilers somewhere down there.
Well, I will try not to drop too many spoilers while talking randomly about the book.
I decided to read this book after I saw the trailer for the TV show American Gods on Amazon Prime on Facebook and I loved the show immediately but I never checked to see if it had a book or not, but when I found out that the show is an adaption of a book I went to look for the book so I can consume it. And the book was exciting although I was not really really expecting the plot twist at the end of the book (chuckles).
The book started with the appearance a man named Shadow who apparently caught the attention of Odin (Mr. Wednesday) and Loki, got manipulated into working for a god who would not accept “No” to his proposal to make him (Shadow) his bodyguard which invariably threw Shadow into an uncontrollable situation which he could not even control even if he tried.
One of the things I loved about the book was how diverse it was about the gods named in it and also the somewhat “history” on how the American Gods came to start existing in America was also exciting to read. These stories about how the gods came to America, for one thing, painted a very clear image of how America even before the Europeans came to America, it already had the Indians who also had their gods and then the Europeans came along with their gods, who desecrated the Indian gods.
The theme of the book was how the old gods and the new gods were trying to have the battle to see who will be the true American gods, but alas save for Mr. Wednesday (Odin) and Mr. World (Loki) who were both playing old god and new gods respectively no one else knew that this battle was a lose-lose for everyone except for those two.
This battle would have led to a huge bloodshed that would have led to the demise of most of the gods (old or/and new), also the bloodshed would have made Odin and Loki regain their old powers and get more powerful. But Shadow (after holding Mr Wednesday’s vigil) ended the battle before it started which was good because if Mr Wednesday had gotten his way and the battle had gone on, the gods who would have died at the battleground would have made him (Mr Wednesday) so powerful, and with how far Mr Wednesday would go to get this power, it’s kind of scary to think of the type of things he would do when he got this power.
Anyway, I should stop here before I end up narrating the whole story and end up spoiling it for some people.
After reading the book I was a bit disappointed that the book has no sequel yet, but I hear the author has plans for a sequel and I hope this is true because I would love to see what happened to Shadow after his trip travelling the world after all the Old gods Vs New gods drama he went through.

Pet Sematery – Stephen King

This particular book apparently raised the “horror” bar for me when I finished reading the book.
Pet Sematary was a scary book in all respect for me and even though it made me at some point to look over my shoulder when I am home alone at night, I still enjoyed the book immensely.

The book started off with the introduction of Louis Creed and his wife and two kids who were moving from Chicago to a new job and home in a University situated in Maine thinking that they were going to start a new life with new experiences and happiness, alas they were wrong.

The Pet Sematary itself was a burial ground for pets made by kids who wanted to give their pets a befitting burial, however the Pet Sematary isn’t the only cemetery there, a powerful sacred Indian cemetery was also within that vicinity but because of the power it exude the path to this Indian cemetery was blocked off so no one can just mistaken wander off there.

Jud Crandall and his wife were the closest neighbours Louis and his family had and so it was easy for both families to warm up to one another. During the warm up period, Jud introduced the new family on the block to the Pet Sematary, but only showed Louis the sacred Indian cemetery at a later time, thereafter which all the bad things really started happening.

The land upon which the new home Louis and his family had moved into even though beautiful and a typical dream home of anyone, was on a land owned by the Indians who were the first occupant of the land, and these Indians had a sacred burial ground where extending from the Pet Sematary but not quite on the Pet Sematary.
What the Indian cemetery does is that it resurrects and brings back to life any animal or human that may have died and buried there and returns them back to their owner, however these returned entities are not quite the same as they were when they were alive, it was as if something was living inside these bodies and not the previous occupants.

Before Jud Crandall took Louis to the Indian Cemetery, the latter was warned both in real life and also in his a dream-like state about not making use of the Indian cemetery no matter the type of loss he may have suffered, he should never use it and should stay away from it at all cost.
But Louis who prided himself on having a “logical” and “scientific” mind decided he was going to just not heed this warning because he could be only hallucinating and making things up in his mind.
Then the family pet cat Church died and he was taken to the Indian cemetery by Jud Crandall on some pretext of trying to show Louis and his family that “even death is better” than the state in which the animal would be when it resurrects and returns home.

After this experiment with Church, Gage, Louis’ son also died in a very weird circumstance, and the grief that hit the family right after his death made it possible for another external supernatural power to feed off this grief, and then control Louis long enough to make him use the Indian cemetery that resurrects dead body again.

Louis buried his dead son hoping things will return back to normal, however like Jud Crandall told Louis, dead humans are not to be buried in that Indian cemetery because you cannot tell the kind of entity the resurrected body will bring along with it. When Gage returned, it was not exactly Gage but the entity that was controlling Louis and made him bury his son in that cemetery in the first place, first the entity went to kill Jud Crandall at his house, then it killed Louis’ wife because both of them were interfering when its plans.
Anyway in the end, when Louis saw his dead wife and Jud Crandall he decided to kill his ‘son’ once again, and burn the body, however since the death of his wife made him completely lose his mind, he went to bury her the same way he did his son, repeating the cycle again.

This book was not really scary, but I was horrified by so many things I saw in the book.
It was a good read and I enjoyed it immensely.
The next book on my list, which I have already started reading is “IT” by the same author, although I am not done reading it yet, but this book is legitimately the best scary and horror book from this author I have read so far. I cannot wait to write about ‘it’.

Misery – Stephen King

Man, Misery is the first Stephen King book that really horrified me as I kept getting deeper and deeper into the book. Before I read this book I was about finishing Salem’s Lot with the intention of reading all King’s books from the oldest to the latest when a friend on twitter made three Stephen King book suggestions to me, she said:

 @LegalHermit Lol be a cheat and read Misery next. After that, Pet Sematary. After that, IT. You’d thank me for it 😆
— Samar Dev (@weird_oo) March 5, 2017

I just finished reading Misery and my God, she was right I will be thanking her for all the horror I felt as I got more immersed in the story. Continue reading

Salem’s Lot – Stephen King

Salem’s Lot.
How do I even begin?

My first foray into the world of Vampires and maybe even werewolves is not something I can clearly recall, but as far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed all watching Vampire and Werewolf movies, with few exceptions like the Twilight movie franchise where Vampires WERE SPARKLING IN THE BLOODY SUN… *feigns shocking revelation* I know right! I felt insulted too. Like did the author of the story get carried away enough to forget that Vampires CANNOT walk under the sun? well considering how they were meandering all around in daylight, we cannot really say so. Anyway, Twilight is not why I am here.

I loved how the story began, with the story about how a man and a boy who looked traumatised by a recent life changing experience were travelling across the country to escape from the past they were trying to forget. Then the story went back in time to narrate to use how the man and boy came to be as broken as they were at that time.

The man Ben Mears who is a popular novelist was coming back the town of Jerusalem, popularly known as Salem’s Lot. He grew up in this town and decided to return to there in order to get closer to his muse for the current book he was writing. The muse which later nearly took his life.
The boy Mark Petrie, is just a normal boy who came on as being mentally older than his peers, but still a teenager and in High School.  And these two surviving individuals played a crucial role in the attempt to save Salem’s Lot from the peril that overshadowed it.
Salem’s Lot is a story about an old vampire coming into Jerusalem Lot, turned the town into an “undead” town and then got killed in the end by Ben and Mark whose girlfriend and parents he killed respectively. Continue reading

Book Review: 11/22/63 by Stephen King

This was my first entry into the Stephen King “genre” and I have been hooked to the tits since I dropped this book. 11/22/63 as a book started really weird and before you get to the third chapter you the book is already taking you on a roller coaster of crazy talks and incomprehensible occurrences. The story is about Jake Epping a High School teacher who saw the chance to time-travel back in time from 2011 to 1958 to save one of his students from a ghastly accident, save the JFK, but in the process, he fell in love and his life changed forever.

Jake Epping is a normal guy in his mid-thirties who just left a weird marriage, living alone with his cat and just living his life as a High English school teacher. Jake as a High school teacher occasionally teaches GED classes (kind of like adult education), and on this faithful day after his students turned in their essay, he was shocked to read a real life story from one of his students who had a life changing experience while he was young, this student was Harry Dunning, a janitor in the school where Jake teaches. Continue reading

Book Review: Carrie by Stephen King

After reading this book I found out that there was a movie adaptation of the book and it was apparently scary etc. I must note that even though while I was reading this book I did not see all the gory and scary people saw in the movie. Although I must confess that at the climax of the book itself the book became really dark, and even at that I could only feel so much sympathy for Carrie White as she went on a rampage because the hurt she was feeling turned her into a monster.

Carrie White, poor poor child.

To be honest, the book was not exactly horrific to me because the way Carrie responded in the

Front Cover image from the Book Carrie


face of all the shame, hurt and unfairness she faced whenever she was with her peers was valid, but then even Carrie cannot be said to be herself while she was carrying out the destruction.

This book for me was warning that even though kids will be kids, they still need to be watched because the lack of kids/teenagers to be empathic towards another person who is not within their social circle is real.

Carrie is about a young girl (Carrie White) who seemed to be a social outcast because she was different from all the other girls and even though she tried so much and so hard to fit in, to conform, she was met with unfair treatment, mental, physical and psychological bully, she was practically bullied by her fellow girls from the first time she knelt down in a public place to pray before she ate her food. Again, she was treated unfairly because she was different. Continue reading

Big Brother Nigeria

I don’t even like watching Big Brother and I could care less if other people are watching it, but Nigerians are really annoying with this sense of entitlement most have that they think they can decide how other people should have fun and with what.

Big Brother Naija.

Big Brother Naija.

Big Brother Nigeria is a reality TV show about a certain a number of Nigerians brought together to live under the same room and then compete to win a sum of money. A show of this nature as we all know is littered with instances where the housemates may/will engage in coitus or any other sexual exercise consenting adults engage in, regardless of whether these individuals have relationships or have an existing marriage outside the Big Brother house.
Mind you, this 2017 Big Brother competition is not the first to be held and shown in Nigeria, but it seems like this year many are just hell bent on making about non-issues than they are ready to about cogent issues.

Why are you Nigerians like this?

Now if you don’t like Big Brother I understand how you feel, but why switch off your TV or change the channel, why do you think its right for you to sit down and watch the show and then come out to tell us that you think the show “is morally bankrupt…” and you’d want us to sign a “… petition to call on the Nigerian government to block the show…”, does this not sound strange to you that you want to have a say in what people are watching simply because it does not follow your own personal moral code? Continue reading