Rape Not Punishment

Rape is a serious topic, it is actually up there along with Racial Equality, Freedom etc.
I was on twitter when an individual tweeted something like ( I am paraphrasing);”If you are dressed indecently, then it is your fault”. I stared at this tweet and stared, I was lost in thought about the rape issue when it dawned on me that most people always using the excuse of “She was dressed indecently” are basically saying “Hey she deserved what she got…she should cover up” so the guy who raped the girl in the end is not the subject of attention, disgust, and ridicule but the girl is, which is wrong so wrong.

First of all, RAPE IS NOT A FORM OF PUNISHMENT! sorry I am yelling, but I needed those at the back to hear me clearly. Even during warfare, morally upright commanders or leaders of a conquering army always warn their soldiers against this disgusting act of one man taking another woman forcefully, because rape debases the person raped and even now some war lords in conflict ridden African Countries use rape as a weapon before killing the women (I think we have seen enough movies on this).

Of course we all have a relative type of moral code, I mean you and i do not share the sets of moral code. in essence what you may find morally comfortable doing, may conflict with the moral code of the other person. hence a lady indecently dressed may be against your moral code but does that mean we the rest of the society feels the same way? conceded, even if by some supernatural happenings, everyone in a society feels the same about the concept of indecent dressing, does that absolve the rape victim protection and getting restitution?

I believe we as a society need to re-evaluate our sense of justice and should not allow our personal bias cloud our judgment. It is okay to chastise the rape victim for putting him/herself in a situation (by his/her own actions or inactions) where he/she would be raped, however we should never forget the rapist or protect the rapist, we should never forget that the rapist deserves the worst punishment the society can find within the law when the rapist has had his/her day in court and found guilty, the rapist be should looked at with disgust, shame and treated as such too and not the victim.

Lastly, regardless of what society you belong to, religion you practice, sets of beliefs you adhere to or how naked and vulnerable a lady may appear, it can never excuse rape, it can never make it right for a person to forcefully take something so beautiful from another person, destroying the victims’ humanity.

When you get robbed and the armed robbers are caught, Society does not say “YOU WERE ROBBED BECAUSE YOU WERE TOO RICH”, no one makes excuses for the armed robbers, so why are you making excuses for rapist?




3 thoughts on “Rape Not Punishment

  1. I can remember arguing with someone at camp that no matter how someone is dressed, it doesn’t give another person the right to rape them. Someone actually argued that if a girl should take herself to a guy’s house, she should expect it or if a guy is buying her Brazilian weave, clothes and spending money on her then it’s expected. I was stunned.

    There are cases of people almost fully clothed that have been raped. It’s not always about the outfits. I believe that it’s all about power and stripping someone of it forcefully.

    Even if someone is dressed in their underwear and they choose to walk the streets, it does not give anyone the right to rape them. The dumbest argument I’ve heard is that men are like animals and if they see a scantily dressed female, they won’t be able to restrain themselves. That is absolute garbage. We all have the capacity of self restraint; some more than others. As there are people who she disgusting enough to not restrain themselves from committing rape, it’s best for people to avoid dangerous situations and be aware of who is around them.


    • I am not surprised by your encounter with those who would rather shame the victim than shame the rapist.
      The greatest enemy of man is the thought that because you buy something for someone you deserve to be paid back with sex, and if denied you have a right to take it forcefully.
      while many are raised to believe that women do have a have a right to dress however they deem fit and so if they are raped its their fault.
      I just believe we need to educate people more about caring for the victim more and judging them less.


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