The Jungle Justice System in Nigeria

One would think that with the way and rate at which jungle justice happens in Nigeria that it is indigenous to the Nigerian people, however this is not the case. Like in other communities, societies and countries all over the world, there are times when mob-justice or jungle justice occurs. And this occurrence is not just because there are no adequate or available legal justice system in place, it’s just that when there are a group of people or where people form an agitated group it becomes harder for an individual to act or make decision as one but easier as a group.

Like I said, jungle justice occurs all over the world and the United States of America is not excluded on these list of countries, but the form it takes here and the rationale with which this type of justice is carried out is a little peculiar in Nigeria and I will narrate an instance of jungle justice I witnessed  to support my opinion as well as what I have seen and heard. Continue reading