Love and other Chores.

I have never been in a relationship before, it was not because I am not attractive enough or lacking in sexual prowess or a homeless hobo, nah, it was neither of those reasons, I have never been in a relationship before because no one of the opposite sex will date me but will rather have me like a “brother” to them.

Prior to the first time I ever told a girl how I felt about her and by consequence got ‘friendzoned’, ‘brother-zoned’, and ‘best-friend zoned’ (in that order), I was a shy wreck *laughs hysterically*. I used to be so shy that it was hard for me to speak to strangers unless spoken to, so generally, I just wanted to be left alone to live in my head in peace while I ignored the world. As you would guess I had to go to school and when I got into the university I was exposed to so many experiences on people-relations and interpersonal relations with strangers that I learnt how to handle and control my shy nature and feel comfortable talking to strangers.

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Books and their Movie Adaptations.

Sherlock seated on his favourite chair in deep thought.

Robert Downey Jr . as “Sherlock Holmes” in the movie “The Game of Shadows”. Culled from×322.jpg.

Sherlock Holmes became an exciting character for me the first time I saw the Robert Downey Jr in the movie Sherlock(2009) and also the 2011 sequel. I was blown away mostly by the good acting and secondly by the way the story played out. I must confess that the Victorian setting of the movie also played a role in my great interests in the famed investigator because before the movie was released, I was not aware that there were sophisticated characters in the 1800s who had the capacity to outwit even the best investigators of the 1900s and 2000s if given the chance, so I generally wanted to read about this Sherlock Holmes character and I was glad to hear the movie was adapted from a book. It would be worthy of note to state that I love all the Sherlock movies and TV shows I have seen so far with an exception to the CBS version of it called Elementary which I must also state that falls below all the standards I have ever had for an adaptation of the character of Sherlock Holmes. Continue reading

Happy New Year

I started 2016 confused, confused about life, ambition etc. in short the majority of 2016 was a used to reflect and meditate on so many things that have left me confused for a long time and I am glad I was able to reach a decision before the year ran out.

Aside for my personal internal struggles, 2016 was a very strange year, not just for me but for the whole world too.

In 2016, airplanes still got missing like it happened in 2015, we still had the Syrian crisis brewing intensely, Donald trump won the American Election, first female president of Brazil was impeached, the first female president of South Korea was impeached, the UK voted to leave the EU, a lot of Celebrity died, Boko Haram got pushed back and was later defeated, Humanity opened its doors to the Syrian refugees etc. the list is exhaustive.

One of the most important lessons I learnt in 2016 was that no matter who you are, what you believe in, who you believe in, your skin colour etc. everybody is different and these differences should not lead to conflicts but be celebrated because what makes each individual unique is our differences which set us apart. Another thing I was relearnt in 2016 was the power of listening.

Another thing I was relearnt in 2016 was the power and skills to listen to people whether I intend to respond to the person talking or just learn, but to sit down listen, reflect on what has been said and then understand the meaning of what has been said. And I found doing this quite entertaining.

Since I had quite some free time, I also read a lot of books in 2016, although reading 20 books was not part of my plans for the year 2016, I still read quite a lot of books (mostly fictions) and I was proud of myself for this.

All in all 2016 was a weird year for everybody who came out of it alive to see 2017 and I am glad to continue this journey through life too.

Like I said above, 2016 started in a confusing way for me, but I was able to sort myself out before the year ran its course. And now in this 2017 I just have few goals I have set out for myself which will mainly involve a lot of learning and reading. I also intend reading at least 40 books this year, and I also entered into a  “52 weeks writing challenge” I found here because I feel it would be another fun thing to do this.

This is just a little account of how I saw 2016 and some of the things I intend to do in 2017.

I do hope that you guys will have a great 2017, and remember, read many more books than you read in 2016, and if you did not read anything in 2016, read something in 2017.


Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! and have a great  2017.

Much love.