Book Review: Carrie by Stephen King

After reading this book I found out that there was a movie adaptation of the book and it was apparently scary etc. I must note that even though while I was reading this book I did not see all the gory and scary people saw in the movie. Although I must confess that at the climax of the book itself the book became really dark, and even at that I could only feel so much sympathy for Carrie White as she went on a rampage because the hurt she was feeling turned her into a monster.

Carrie White, poor poor child.

To be honest, the book was not exactly horrific to me because the way Carrie responded in the

Front Cover image from the Book Carrie


face of all the shame, hurt and unfairness she faced whenever she was with her peers was valid, but then even Carrie cannot be said to be herself while she was carrying out the destruction.

This book for me was warning that even though kids will be kids, they still need to be watched because the lack of kids/teenagers to be empathic towards another person who is not within their social circle is real.

Carrie is about a young girl (Carrie White) who seemed to be a social outcast because she was different from all the other girls and even though she tried so much and so hard to fit in, to conform, she was met with unfair treatment, mental, physical and psychological bully, she was practically bullied by her fellow girls from the first time she knelt down in a public place to pray before she ate her food. Again, she was treated unfairly because she was different.

Aside from the unfair treatment, she was facing in school, Carrie White was bound to be driven mad by her mother even if she never had that meltdown and destroyed the whole town anyway.
Carrie White’s mother, Margaret White, was Christian Fundamentalist who felt that everybody aside those who believed on the Lord and Saviour like she did was going to Hell, she believed that in this world you should not even be having sex as a married couple because to her and her beliefs, sex is sin and having a child is sin and the child should be killed before he/she grows up.

Mrs White was practically the crazy evil stepmother in all popular “fairy tale” books/films, except she was Carrie’s real mother and this was no fairy tale.
I must note that Carrie was not Mrs White’s first child before she had Carrie, she was once pregnant with another child, but because she felt sexual intercourse with her husband was a sin, she fell on her belly and had a miscarriage on purpose. Also when she had Carrie and her Telekinesis power first manifested, Mrs White would have killed Carrie if her husband Ralph White did not stop her…

Carrie White, a seventeen-year-old girl with the unexpected telekinesis powers who was just trying to be a normal girl. She was born into a fanatically religious household with a crazy religious mother who thinks all inhabitant of the world would end up in the fiery pit of Hell. Carrie’s first brush with any form of psychological and mental torture was her mother who did not ever allow the poor child have a proper childhood.

Mrs White’s reaction when Carrie told her “Mother I had my first period” at age seventeen, gave a hint at how she must have raised Carrie and why Carrie may have wanted to do all she can to escape her mother even if she had to kill her.

Carrie White lived with her mother for seventeen years, and even though she sometimes hated her for being so radical and strict up to the point of madness, she still loved her mother and they had a predictable relationship she understood. But what Carrie could not understand was why girls her age would keep picking on her, bullying her, hurting her etc. without ever letting up, and at the forefront of this “Carrie White is not one of us” brigade was Christiana Hargensen.

Chris Hargensen is like your typical popular high school bully, always picking on the weak and then when the consequences of her actions are about to catch up to her she hides behind her father’s reputation in order to escape punishment, but she could not escape Carrie White. Unlucky her.

Chris was the meanest to Carrie and in most instances, she was the schemer of all the Carrie White jokes. Chris was the first to pelt Carrie with a sanitary pad and the other girls followed her cue while yelling “plug it up” at Carrie who was not at first aware of what was going and when she finally did, thought she was bleeding to death.

Sue Snell, one of the few who understood how Carrie White felt said and I am paraphrasing;

when you see guys picking on another guy, it does not last long, the boys may be laughing about it all in one minute and the next minute its over, no one talks about it anymore, but with girls it’s different, girls always remember all the time they have made another person the butt end of a joke and will always always remember it.

which for me kind of sums up why Carrie White had a mental breakdown and went berserk on her town.

Even though killing all those people was wrong, I still understood why Carrie did it and I felt sorry for her because if she was not pushed that far, she would not have lost her marbles and turn on her peers.

One important lesson learnt, but nice to people no matter how different they are from you, because you are human and they are also human with feelings and you REALLY have no idea what the other person is going through, so BE NICE!


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