Misery – Stephen King

Man, Misery is the first Stephen King book that really horrified me as I kept getting deeper and deeper into the book. Before I read this book I was about finishing Salem’s Lot with the intention of reading all King’s books from the oldest to the latest when a friend on twitter made three Stephen King book suggestions to me, she said:

 @LegalHermit Lol be a cheat and read Misery next. After that, Pet Sematary. After that, IT. You’d thank me for it 😆
— Samar Dev (@weird_oo) March 5, 2017

I just finished reading Misery and my God, she was right I will be thanking her for all the horror I felt as I got more immersed in the story.

Misery is about a Novelist Paul Sheldon who was involved in a car accident broke both his legs, got rescued  while he was knocked out by his Number-one fan Annie Wilkes because she was the first person get to the scene and then she would not call an ambulance so he can be adequately treated in a proper hospital.
In the interest of being objective, though, the accident happened while there was a snow storm, and the road where is not exactly the most used one by road users so the first person to get to the scene was Annie. And Annie who was former a nurse cared enough to pull over and tried to save the victim of the accident, but it was while she pulled out Paul Sheldon and checked his IDs did she get that “HOLY SHIT, I JUST SAVED MY FAVOURITE WRITER!” feeling. Anyway, Annie took Paul to her home to “nurse him back to health” (back to health indeed *laughs maniacally*), however unknown to Paul who realised days after he became conscious again, his living hell was just about to begin.

The book Misery had a kind of poetic justice to it because the name of the book as you already know is Misery, now this will sound weird, but the name of the book Paul Sheldon was most popular for in the book also has a female character named Misery, and his Number-one fan  unfortunately for him happened to love that character so that  she did not approve of his killing of Misery the character in his last book and final Misery book series Misery’s Child.
To show her disapproval, Annie after going through Paul stuff when she saved him, found manuscript for a book he just finished before he had the accident, that was his best novel he had written yet and it was the only copy in the world, and Annie made him burn it because she did not like the book and she would rather he wrote a new book about for just only her called Misery’s Return where the previously dead Misery Chastain will have to be brought back to life. How he did it was quite hilarious.

Now, you might be thinking “oh common, it is not that bad, he could probably just write another book”, and I tell you “fat chance”, because psychotic Annie did not have any intention of letting Paul go, in the end her intention was to have him write the Misery’s Return book, kill him and then dispose the body free of anything that will lead back to her.
Paul got to work and began writing the book, but while he was also doing so, anytime Annie goes to town or leaves her home for more than an hour, Paul escapes from his room and wanders the house looking for ways and how he could escape. But unknown to him, Annie knew about this and the last time he left his room, he went to the kitchen picked a knife and plotted how he was going to kill Annie, but before his plan could even get implemented, he had his foot chopped off by Annie with an axe and I felt the pain too.

Anyway, Paul finished writing the book, but decided he was since revenge is a dish best served cold and since he was not even sure he was going to live or die, he was going to finish the Misery’s return  book, invite Annie to come read it and while she is swooning he would set the book on fire and watch it burn. Which he did.
After setting the book on fire, Annie was stunned for minutes, then as she picked up the burning book to put out the fire, Paul smashed the Royal typewriter he used to type the book on her head and then she dropped the book and it all burned! Paul then proceeded to pick the ashes and forced it into her mouth since she wanted Misery’s return so bad. Annie pushed Paul off her, stood up tripped, and hit her head on a table and was knocked out for a few minutes, she also suffered a deep head injury which was later said to be the cause of her death.

At the end of all the “Season finale of the Paul vs Annie” book, Annie died while on her way to pick a chainsaw she wanted to use to cut Paul into two. Man, that is one evil psycho woman.

That is all for now, let me get back to Pet Sematary. Toodles! ^_^


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