Pet Sematery – Stephen King

This particular book apparently raised the “horror” bar for me when I finished reading the book.
Pet Sematary was a scary book in all respect for me and even though it made me at some point to look over my shoulder when I am home alone at night, I still enjoyed the book immensely.

The book started off with the introduction of Louis Creed and his wife and two kids who were moving from Chicago to a new job and home in a University situated in Maine thinking that they were going to start a new life with new experiences and happiness, alas they were wrong.

The Pet Sematary itself was a burial ground for pets made by kids who wanted to give their pets a befitting burial, however the Pet Sematary isn’t the only cemetery there, a powerful sacred Indian cemetery was also within that vicinity but because of the power it exude the path to this Indian cemetery was blocked off so no one can just mistaken wander off there.

Jud Crandall and his wife were the closest neighbours Louis and his family had and so it was easy for both families to warm up to one another. During the warm up period, Jud introduced the new family on the block to the Pet Sematary, but only showed Louis the sacred Indian cemetery at a later time, thereafter which all the bad things really started happening.

The land upon which the new home Louis and his family had moved into even though beautiful and a typical dream home of anyone, was on a land owned by the Indians who were the first occupant of the land, and these Indians had a sacred burial ground where extending from the Pet Sematary but not quite on the Pet Sematary.
What the Indian cemetery does is that it resurrects and brings back to life any animal or human that may have died and buried there and returns them back to their owner, however these returned entities are not quite the same as they were when they were alive, it was as if something was living inside these bodies and not the previous occupants.

Before Jud Crandall took Louis to the Indian Cemetery, the latter was warned both in real life and also in his a dream-like state about not making use of the Indian cemetery no matter the type of loss he may have suffered, he should never use it and should stay away from it at all cost.
But Louis who prided himself on having a “logical” and “scientific” mind decided he was going to just not heed this warning because he could be only hallucinating and making things up in his mind.
Then the family pet cat Church died and he was taken to the Indian cemetery by Jud Crandall on some pretext of trying to show Louis and his family that “even death is better” than the state in which the animal would be when it resurrects and returns home.

After this experiment with Church, Gage, Louis’ son also died in a very weird circumstance, and the grief that hit the family right after his death made it possible for another external supernatural power to feed off this grief, and then control Louis long enough to make him use the Indian cemetery that resurrects dead body again.

Louis buried his dead son hoping things will return back to normal, however like Jud Crandall told Louis, dead humans are not to be buried in that Indian cemetery because you cannot tell the kind of entity the resurrected body will bring along with it. When Gage returned, it was not exactly Gage but the entity that was controlling Louis and made him bury his son in that cemetery in the first place, first the entity went to kill Jud Crandall at his house, then it killed Louis’ wife because both of them were interfering when its plans.
Anyway in the end, when Louis saw his dead wife and Jud Crandall he decided to kill his ‘son’ once again, and burn the body, however since the death of his wife made him completely lose his mind, he went to bury her the same way he did his son, repeating the cycle again.

This book was not really scary, but I was horrified by so many things I saw in the book.
It was a good read and I enjoyed it immensely.
The next book on my list, which I have already started reading is “IT” by the same author, although I am not done reading it yet, but this book is legitimately the best scary and horror book from this author I have read so far. I cannot wait to write about ‘it’.


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