Big Brother Nigeria

I don’t even like watching Big Brother and I could care less if other people are watching it, but Nigerians are really annoying with this sense of entitlement most have that they think they can decide how other people should have fun and with what.

Big Brother Naija.

Big Brother Naija.

Big Brother Nigeria is a reality TV show about a certain a number of Nigerians brought together to live under the same room and then compete to win a sum of money. A show of this nature as we all know is littered with instances where the housemates may/will engage in coitus or any other sexual exercise consenting adults engage in, regardless of whether these individuals have relationships or have an existing marriage outside the Big Brother house.
Mind you, this 2017 Big Brother competition is not the first to be held and shown in Nigeria, but it seems like this year many are just hell bent on making about non-issues than they are ready to about cogent issues.

Why are you Nigerians like this?

Now if you don’t like Big Brother I understand how you feel, but why switch off your TV or change the channel, why do you think its right for you to sit down and watch the show and then come out to tell us that you think the show “is morally bankrupt…” and you’d want us to sign a “… petition to call on the┬áNigerian government to block the show…”, does this not sound strange to you that you want to have a say in what people are watching simply because it does not follow your own personal moral code? Continue reading