Salem’s Lot – Stephen King

Salem’s Lot.
How do I even begin?

My first foray into the world of Vampires and maybe even werewolves is not something I can clearly recall, but as far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed all watching Vampire and Werewolf movies, with few exceptions like the Twilight movie franchise where Vampires WERE SPARKLING IN THE BLOODY SUN… *feigns shocking revelation* I know right! I felt insulted too. Like did the author of the story get carried away enough to forget that Vampires CANNOT walk under the sun? well considering how they were meandering all around in daylight, we cannot really say so. Anyway, Twilight is not why I am here.

I loved how the story began, with the story about how a man and a boy who looked traumatised by a recent life changing experience were travelling across the country to escape from the past they were trying to forget. Then the story went back in time to narrate to use how the man and boy came to be as broken as they were at that time.

The man Ben Mears who is a popular novelist was coming back the town of Jerusalem, popularly known as Salem’s Lot. He grew up in this town and decided to return to there in order to get closer to his muse for the current book he was writing. The muse which later nearly took his life.
The boy Mark Petrie, is just a normal boy who came on as being mentally older than his peers, but still a teenager and in High School. ¬†And these two surviving individuals played a crucial role in the attempt to save Salem’s Lot from the peril that overshadowed it.
Salem’s Lot is a story about an old vampire coming into Jerusalem Lot, turned the town into an “undead” town and then got killed in the end by Ben and Mark whose girlfriend and parents he killed respectively. Continue reading